How To Sell Your Inherited House in Minneapolis

When you inherit a house in Minneapolis, it can be an emotional and difficult time, sometimes requires much thought and care, as you decide how to handle inherited property. You might feel attached out of sentiment, feeling the idea of a sale difficult. On the other hand, it may be a bit of an overwhelming headache. If you do decide to sell the property, here are a few tips to ensure a smooth transaction.

Prepare The House For A Sale

Do Your Homework

Before you list or sell the property privately, it’s prudent to familiarize yourself with the property. You may not know all the ins and outs of the home. Review all renovations and repair records and learn about any newer construction or refurbishments under warranty.

Have The House Appraised

Have an appraisal done on the house so you know what you are dealing with. In some municipalities, home appraisals are done regularly to assess taxes. A more complete apprasal will probably need to be done for dependable accuracy. Research other recent neighborhood sales  of comparable properties, so you can have a fair awareness of asking price.


Home insurance is necessary, whether or  not anyone lives in it. Talk to your broker about a policy for vacant homes.


It’s probable you and other family members will want to sort through the house to remove belongings and furnishings that may have personal meaning. Sometimes, cleaning inherited property is more work than downsizing. Cleaning the home might be difficult. Consider hiring a team of professionals to do the cleaning after you have removed the personal possessions from the home.

Yard Sale

Estate sales help get rid of all of the items left behind in the home. When locals shop your estate sale, it’s a great opportunity to inform them the house is for sale. Sell the items that nobody wishes to keep.

What If There Are Multiple Heirs?

When there are multiple heirs to an estate, one person is named the executor of the will. An executor is in charge of the financial transactions regarding the property. All heirs have to sign off on the sale before it is final. Heirs can choose to buy each other out before the house is sold. If the heirs cannot agree on what to do with the house, the court will likely order the house auctioned off or sold and profits are distributed as indicated by the will or the court’s decision.

Consider Selling The Property Directly

If you inherit a house and you decide to sell it, it’s not likely you will want to invest much time or money into the home. By selling direct, you can liquidate the house without spending money in advance.  With a direct sale, you can avoid repair, marketing, and listing costs, and there’s no commission to pay an agent. Selling directly saves time and money . It’s a definite advantage if there are many heirs to a home. Selling direct will provide a quick and easy process for all parties involved.

Be Prepared For The Tax Man

Inherited properties are still subject to Capital Gains taxes. These taxes are recovered when the property is sold and are based on the value of the home at the time of inheritance. Many properties won’t be affected by capital gains taxes. Talk to your accountant or attorney to find out how it will affect you.

Should You Hold On To It?

When you sell your inherited house, sellers remorse can be a struggle. Weighing out sentiment vs. financial sometimes should take a little time for consideration. Take the time to weigh your options before selling. Consider not only your feelings but the feelings of other family members. When you carefully decide and agree what to do with the property,  you should feel more assured that you’re doing the best thing. Nothing is worth creating what could become a longterm rift in the family.

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