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Life is meant to be enjoyed and selling your home should be a joyful experience. Our goal as professional home buyers is to provide the best solutions for any Minnesota homeowner who wants to sell a house fast. We’ll make it easier for you to move forward with life, and without stress, so you’re able to Sell Happy.

Because we’re a local Minnesota family owned business we focus on helping local homeowners like you. We enjoy local Minnesota traditions like the State Fair (we probably visit 5 times during the 12 days), hockey, going out on the lake and cheese filled burgers. We understand Minnesota hard working friendly values, the special character of the local cities, as well as the local real estate market.


You will work directly with Lou, the owner. We’ll personally visit your property and sit down with you so we can understand your situation. We’ll then work to find the solution that best meets your personal needs. We always looks at every situation as if we’re working with our own family. This will be a  valuable consultation, regardless of the outcome and the ultimate extent of our relationship. We have nothing but respect for you and your situation and want what’s best. Sell Happy is our goal.

How We Work with Homeowners

Fast Cash Homes MN works fast. We’ll put together a fair home offer within 24 hours so you can Sell Happy. We are a local real estate solutions company based in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. With over 27 years of experience in the real estate industry, we help homeowners get out of challenging situations. We understand selling a home can be a stressful experience. That’s why our dedicated and trusted team’s primary focus is to ensure your house sale experience is smooth and stress free. From the moment you receive your happy home offer, we organize the paperwork on your behalf and provide a personal service throughout the entire selling process.

If you need help to avoid foreclosure, are going through tough times, have an inherited house, can’t sell your property or need to sell your house quickly for any kind of reason, we’re here with a solution. Don’t hesitate to contact Lou and our team directly anytime with any questions about how we work or the process of selling your house.

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